ARRESTFREE was easy to use.
Will recommend to friends.
- Annette, Chicago IL

Very convenient service
I could pull my own records and file for expungement quickly
and discreetly

- Mike, New York

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Allow one of our experienced case managers provide you with the necessary assistance you need to get started on clearing your arrest record now. The Premiere service gives you the One-on-One Phone Support to help qualify and process all your court forms necessary to get your record cleared. Follow up email detailing the steps to be taken will automatically be sent.  Your file will be assigned to a counseling team that will process the case from start to finish.

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  • Live One-on-One Phone Support - Get the personal attention you need from one of our our experienced case processing representatives.

  • Form File Completion - We will provide you all the forms and assistance you need to get started on filing your case.

  • Certificate Of Commitment - Get your customized Pledge For Change Certificate to frame.
  • Unlimited E-mail Support. Send us your questions surrounding the process and requirements for filing anytime via e-mail.
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Optional: ($100 additional)

We can provide you with the following additional service through one of our Affiliate partners:

  • Employment Assistance Phone Support - Your counselor may also provide a letter or phone call of recommendation and encouragement to any current, or potential employer and landlord on your behalf to assist in hiring or obtaining housing.
  • Letter Of Intent - Time frames for each case will vary, however you may need a job now.  No worries, we will forward a signed, stamped Notice of your intent to expunge within days of enrollment to show potential employer or Landlord. A stamped, signed notice can be mailed directly to yourself and the agency of your choice, informing current or potential employers or landlords of your intent to clear your criminal record. This notice serves as official documentation that the legal process to clear your record has been initiated by and is actively in progress. Many employers and landlords accept this notice in lieu of final discharge of convictions.  Creating employment and housing opportunities much sooner than absolute court approval.  
  • Record Clearing Notification - Once your record is expunged or seal we will assist you in notifying all internet background record companies to remove your record from their file immediately.


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